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Chaos ensues when she enters the venue

Deep-seated insecurities and childhood issue

She takes the beauty and makes it problematic

Chaos is a defining feature of her habits

She aughts be in pictures an award-winning actress.

She embodies the measurements of a diva in distress

She leaves a path of destruction wherever she goes

like a wildfire burning out of control

Malicious, disparaging, unsightly, and misguided

Anger and confused she realizes her world is divided

She wants the power to conquer everyone’s lions

Yet getting taken down by her own demonic giants

She's both cold like frost and fierce like a flame

Slurring, cursing, and scandalizing everyone’s name

She is one-sided, so don't waste your time

Trying to persuade her otherwise

The Cross is the only thing that could save that girl

Truth, that’s brighter than a gem, purer than pearls

It's time to unshackle from that intense cord

Jesus’s sacrifice is a gift it is not your award

You don’t have to be pretentious

Just apply yourself & unborn

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