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Commemorated Love

Deeply, sincerely

Lovingly and completely

I’ll forever proclaim life with you

Like the art of graffiti

I’ll carry your memories

Your story is my everlasting tattoo

The essence of your signature

Fresh vision, uniquely definitive

a classic before it’s time

You are my masterpiece

My genuine creativity

Now today you are heaven’s citizen

Reigning with the King of Kings

Conversing with the angels,

Enchanted with the love of Jesus

with this sentiment, you are still winning.

With every breath I breathe

I inhale the aroma of the heavenly

Where you are engulfed in its fragrance

and the supernatural receive your acquaintance

No further struggles. By gone are the troubles.

Your beautiful soul left behind a trail

of such enduring, remarkable memories

I am in awe of you transforming to the divinity

God is watching over you

Knowing this helps me out for a while

I tune in for your laughter so loud and thunderous

Your existence will forever be my purpose

I’ll never let go of your smile

The jubilant Glory

Of our fascinating story

is that God gifted me you

A risen angel my virtuous child

Never Forgotten

My very being conveys your existence

My heart will always beat


With my love

& Tender Embrace

Sherry B.

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