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Friendship vs Foeship

My most dreadful moments with friendships throughout my journey were a walk in the park. Most friendships shattered me, others awakened me and some I just freed them from my soul. There were no words needed, no eyes pleaded for the deceased to wake up from its shadow.

We do not have an option to elect who our family is. What was handed over to us is what we have to deal with: the good, the immoral; and the obnoxious. Friendship is a whole other game. We get to shop, inspect, and generate the alignment of acquaintances purposeful.

The few that are chosen only a couple had staying power. Sometimes I made the mistake of letting them choose me. In other instances, I misjudge because their mask looks so genuine and then I realize later down the so-called jolly trail I have been duped. The inner beauty, deep secrets and dreams have already been revealed to the sheep in wolves’ clothing.

The exploiters, the judgmental, the beggars and the phonies have already set their villainous schemes in action.

Valuable friendships are based on honor, loyalty, and reciprocal respect, and can contribute to your overall good health. A supportive structure of pals can cut down stress, help you cope with trauma, and inspire productive behavior.

There may be some shrewd matters cropping up in your closest friendships that are less than healthy. I will open my vault of cronies to share my entertaining yet daunting life situations in the coming posts.

I am Journey

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