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Hey Sis,

I hear ya’ braggin’ on what you have accomplished

You only let me hear it because you wanted me to feel demolished

All the while

I am being quiet

I knew time would reveal

My shine, zeal… my polish

All the while being silent

I peeped ya ‘game


My father (heavenly) says, “Be Watchful.”

You have proven not to be faithful

As the saying goes: “YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIE TO KICK IT!”

I am no longer wit’ it!

Remember, you dismissed me

But I was all the way in it!

I supported you in all you have done

When I reflect on your contributions towards me



I may have lost all those battles

Visually impaired by your tail’s rattle

My humbleness

My humanness

The truthfulness

You name it

I still claim it!

Whatever niceties it is

Got me on top

Where the bottles pop

The depths of me go deep

You could not see

Foes stay on the shallow end

Dwelling in their own mess

you were never an asset

Adiós, arrivederci; see ya later!

But not tomorrow

So, don’t follow

Sick of this

Using me as a Friend Mistress

I watched you shine on both of our dimes

Spending money on millionaire’s designs

Flossing & Bossin’

Trickin’ & Tossin'

Using me as an as needed necessity

When everyone escaped you

The world turned against you

No one was picking up your calls

But ME!!!

Suddenly I see

You are not a FLY GIRL

So, Bye Girl

You are a user, a conniver and a flea

So, Flee

Let me be

You are the looser

I am the Victor

You chose you

Now I designate me

To quote the legendary Dr. Dre

“Used to be my homey, used to be my ace Now I wanna slap the taste out Yō mouth. “

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