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Ghetto Classy

Your world is deprived, only 10% survives survive. THE GHETTO. Girl, keep rocking your stilettos, dance hard, rap free style; sing falsetto and do what you gotta do to survive the trauma in your mind. That’s right, create your own vibe. Don’t let nobody advise you what you feel is not real. The suffering and sorrows cannot be transcribed. The best way to explain your story it is not simplistic it’s the dramatic tale of the hood. Where you come from you gotta keep your guards up, because hoodlums and assassins keep growing up. It’s hard to get out these tragic confines alive.

When you really start being you, you will see the Ghetto is just a geography, it is not your identity. Find yourself, be kind to yourself, you don’t have to fit in with the toxicity. Sow seeds of greatness, whack down the weeds of defeat; break generational curses. To be solid, rehearse getting rid of the hurt; sooner or later you will be reimbursed for the tragedies you’ve been through.

Love is a hurricane; life is a consistency of pain. You don’t believe anyone knows your name, but they see you. You're too cool not to rule your dreams by staying out of those streets. Where there are gunshots, bodies dropped, and the ambulance comes with those white sheets.

Be the puzzle and the riddle that brings shame to those that try to ridicule your swag, those who strive to belittle your power and degrade your shine. They don’t understand your mystery that is bringing them misery they just keep trying to bring you down.

Admonition your history and began a new story, set about your legacy, and come through for yourself breathlessly. Change the narrative, cease with the negative, terminate everyone who’s not for you. Build positive relationships, rewrite an award-winning script that finds you winning in the end.

Most importantly, decide to change, create a storm from the rain. Once you make that decision to break the chains from your prison, your mind will be open to solutions, and they will present themselves to a better conclusion. It takes grit,

tenacity, and perseverance don’t be afraid to walk away from the pain.



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