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Introduction to "I Am Journey."

My name is Cheyenne Summer Ramsey. I was born out of wedlock to a mother and father who had a tainted love. If ice cream brought joy and sunshine spread bliss, my household was the ice cream melted by the sun. A hot mess. My mother’s beauty instantly hypnotized individuals who crossed her path. She was well aware of her attractiveness and enjoyed the attention it brought her. She became cunning, using it for her gain. Daddy was my happiness in any storm, my rock when my world crumbled, and my protector against my mother—when he was around, that is. My mother, Angela Sky Wilson, was raised in an environment that didn’t engender love, so you know what they say—the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If Angela ever showed love, it was pretentious and exploitive. Daddy, Treyvon Ramsey, was also raised by a father who cared nothing about his well-being, although he knew the trueness of love before his mother died when he was fourteen years old. I received the love Daddy’s mother showed him, while Angela received mostly the detestation of what his father gave him as a map to life. This is the beginning of my story of being trapped with evil. A trauma bond is how you’d describe my relationship with my mom. Eventually, I mimicked her behaviors and became influenced by our new environment, where it was just the two of us after she had stolen me from my father. One day, at a truck stop where Angela was doing her “business,” I received a visit from an angel, who told me to hold onto God’s promises because help was coming. Help seemed to be on the other side of eternity.

This is my journey.

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