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I thought you were a friend to me

My road dog, my ride or die, my homie

When the rubber hit the road

You act like you didn’t know me

Your friendship really mattered to me

Now you look all tattered to me

scat away and flee from me

You are fickle and you are phony

Never deserved my loyalty

You’re a peasant and I am royalty

You were never my equality

Now bow down to your Queen

Because of me you glittered

But you couldn’t match my shimmer

Now you are a sad face clown

Washed up and bitter

Take a pen and some paper rewrite your script

Go jump off a mountain and take a dip

You just flat lined from your ego trip

I’m still in the game

I won the championship

Because of your treachery

I initiated therapy

My friendship was a rarity

A unique expensive currency

But now You are dead to me

You will always be my enemy

Burying your dark shadow

Adio’s, au revoir; Goodbye You gotta go

I am through with your negativity

You never came close to be

My exactness in quality

You can’t match my swag monetarily

I still prevail with supremacy

Excepting you in my life was complimentary

I prevail from your adversary

Daughter of a King is my identity

I AM Journey



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