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Opposites but not Oppositions

I have never had an ally so savage or a confidant who soldiers with me through the ranging roars of life. My sister is complicated. Raw and uncut, and polished and sophisticated. She will hit you with an attitude that would cut deep, and at the same moment she would embrace you so tight, you will fill it to the debts of your soul.

I am an introvert, and she is an extrovert. My sister could be loud and go overboard with her funning, fussing, and clowning. And I am normally there behind the scenes in her shadow, praying for peace with the ‘can’t-we-all-get along’ mentality. We are dissimilar day and night and most would not guess we were related.

Tanya (big sis) definitely lived by the ‘I wish somebody would say something.’ There were times tables turned to where I would be the aggressor and she lies back in amazement often forgetting we are made from the same cloth when it comes down to it. Momma was a firecracker.

Although, I am more reserved in most aspects; My sister is more of a caregiver and domestic. I am still mystified by this factor. I am the girl who puts on makeup and styles my hair just to go to the store. My sister is the comfy cozy jeans and T-shirt and call- it a day type gal. however, she is the one who does hair flawlessly, sows, and cooks almost anything to excellence.

Sis is a talented dancer and often moves the crowd to watch her in admiration. I have always been creative in writing, expressing my emotions on paper, in a poem, an essay, or novel form. I could visualize and create a dramatic scene from my visionary mind; where my sister is the theatrical stage.

I often wonder if I did not grow up with my sister would we have become friends in some chance meeting. She may think me to be too reserved and boujee. And I would recognize her to be uncensored and exhausting. God makes no mistakes. He knew we’d become stronger individuals together.

“Watching Sis and I is like watching the sunset versus the sunrise, equally beautiful and comparably captivating”

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Oct 09, 2022

My buddy who has stuck with me from Junior high until now is so much the opposite of who I am. He love the quiet of the water, the parks and in his home; and me...I turn up!! In a non menace to society way of course.

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