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Prey to Deception

Blue Jays flew overhead, white swans rippling waves in their wake as they glided through the lake. The rays from the sun burst through the Oak trees that were planted by the lake; this is where Kelly found peacefulness; she often walked the trails that were decorated with cobblestones, and colorful pebbles.

Glazier Park was Kelly’s favorite place; it often triggered memories of a

life of fulfillment and joy that had been stolen from her four years prior. On her 18th birthday, she was forced to watch her dad Julian being led away in handcuffs. A man running the trail at full speed bumped into Kelly, causing her to stumble into the nearby rose garden. “My apologies, I was not paying attention, the music had me captivated.”

Kelly had the fiery temperament inherited from dad. She became as angry as a raging bull seeing red; until she noticed the Breguet watch and the Givenchy running shoes, this smooth-shaven, handsome man was wearing. The gentleman's eyes were deep brown eyes, soft and kind like silken fur.

“It’s alright.” Kelly's mood changed like a chameleon.

“I’m Preston by the way.” Preston stained his eyes on the exquisiteness of Kelly’s beauty, captivated by her green piercing eyes.

“I’m Kelly. Are you on this trail often?” Kelly offered a smile as warm as the summer breeze.

“I live right up that hill over there.” Preston pointed toward the immaculate homes up the nearby winding road. “When I am here, I run a few miles here. I love the scenery and the peaceful atmosphere of this park.”

Kelly's eyes grew enormous as saucers at the prosperity of this older gentleman. This could be my way out of the pit and back to the palace.

“I have a meetup I have to get to,” Preston stated as he wrote his number down on the back of a business card. “Call me sometime.”

Preston hurried to his Ferrari 488 metallic blue Spider sports car; he sat pulling on his goatee in complete stupefaction of what just transpired. His phone vibrated, pulling him out of his thoughts.


“How did the information play out for you?” The gruff voice enquired.

“It was spot on. She was at the place you said she would be, all these years. Who knew that chump had a daughter.”

The background clamor of the caller was loud and echoed, “When do I get my money?” The voice inquired harshly.

“I will put the money on your books by tomorrow!”


A few days later, Kelly fished her cell phone out of her designer purse to call Preston, which was one of the few items she could keep after the D.A. seized her father’s property.

“Hello, this is Kelly, the one you ran off the road; I was just calling to collect on the damages you caused.” Kelly tried to keep it light.

“I was just thinking about you. I am taking a drive to Encino this weekend. If you would do me the honor of keeping me company, I would be so grateful.” Preston asked hopefully.

“Sure, what’s in Encino, business or pleasure?” Kelly enquired not caring, she saw an opportunity and she was going to accept the offer.

Saturday could not come soon enough for Preston. He would send a message loud and clear, and then Julian would know what actual pain and betrayal felt like.

After six hours of singing off-key, conversing, laughing, and enjoying one another’s company. They had finally reached their destination where the neighborhood was manicured with colonial homes, a place where people of importance lived their affluent lives. They walked up the pathway of groomed lawns and flower gardens. Preston rang the bell next to the glass stained door; a short brown skin stout lady with matching brown eyes opened the door.

“Come on in brother, you didn’t tell me you had company with you.”

Preston took Kelly by the hand, making his way inside the beautiful home, with high ceilings and chandeliers that greeted them as they made their way through the entryway.

“I didn’t think I had to. This is my home is it not?” Preston spat rudely and suddenly chuckled, kissing the angry woman on the cheeks.

“Kelly, this is my older sister Mya.”

“Hello.” Kelly held out her hand, which went offensively ignored.

“Don’t pay her any mind. I will make us a glass of wine.”

Preston lead the way through the exquisitely decorated home. Kelly was left with the remote to the 60-inch television in the huge Den filled with old records and VH tapes; that offered a feel of the 80s, which strongly reminded her of being with her dad as a little girl.

Kelley wondered what the hold-up could be with the wine. She wandered towards the kitchen to see what was the holdup; when she got close to the kitchen’s entryway, she overheard a hushed conversation between the siblings.

“I can’t believe that is Julians, daughter.” Michelle laughed wickedly.

“After her father let me take the fall on that gun heist, and stole my fiancé while I served the time for his crime. Julian deserves the tournament that is coming to him.”

“I knew she looked familiar but couldn’t put my hand on it.” Michelle never mentioned to her brother that she had a relationship with Julian or the fact she alibied him on the gun robbery case.

Kelly's heart started beating rapidly. She stumbled her way back into the den, and she had to figure a way out of this trap. The sins of the father.

“Sorry I took so long.” Preston came in with lust and confusion about what to do to her. He had to ensure his plans to harm her, and however, the desire he had for her was as equally strong.

“That’s O.K.” Kelly is well aware of the all too knowing hunger in his eyes. “The feeling is mutual. You can kiss me.” Kelly needed time to devise a plan.

Preston approached her in anticipation. Wrapping his arms around her, he began kissing her excitedly, and she returned the kiss with as much pretentiousness as she could muster.

“Let me quench my thirst with some of that wine.” Kelly broke loose of the death grip he had on her.

Kelly retrieved the glasses from the counter and Preston guzzled half the content before stopping. He was further ready for action. His heartbeat rapidly and he sweats uncontrollably.

Kelly placed her glass down on the table, she seductively motioned for him to come to her. Preston tried to stand, but his legs gave out under him, and his hands became numb. The glass he held crashed to the floor.

“Call for help, I am having a heart attack!”

“Don’t be absurd, it’s not a heart attack, you are being murdered!” Kelley stated as she picked up the broken glass and wiped it down everywhere she touched it.

“What did you just say?” Preston’s tone is barely a whisper as he tried with all the strength to get up to his feet.

“Isn’t it ironic that you brought me here to dispose of me, but you’re the one that is lying on your own floor dying?” Kelley reached down into Preston’s pockets, taking his wallet, keys, and cell phone.

“I don’t want to die!” begging for mercy Preston perceived death pulling him to the other side.

Kelley hurried through the house bumping into Michelle in the corridor.

“Where’s the restroom again?” Kelly asked innocently.

Michelle pointed in the restroom's direction without saying a word as she disappeared into a nearby bedroom. Kelly sees a purse on the table. She grabbed it quickly and then bolted out the door.

She jumped into the Ferrari and drove like an escaped prisoner with dogs on her trail. Stopping at an ATM pulling over $7,000 off of the stolen cards, she then drove to a nearby gas station, slowly walked into the restroom, and tossed the wallet and purse in the trash.

Kelly retrieved the bottle of zolpidem the doctor prescribed for sedation from her anxiety she poured the rest of the content down the commode as she bawled uncontrollably.

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1 Comment

Oct 09, 2022

I find it funny when people set out to do you harm but when you have the upper hand they expect mercy.

“I don’t want to die!” Percy cried. However, he was willing to take a life of a young lady just for revenge of his old nemeses. I love the way you wrote the switch.

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