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Right of Passage

The journey is sometimes scary and intimidating, but you pass through it. It produces heart breaks and disappointments, defeats that lead to mistakes still you triumph on. Mind tricks are played and friends reverse the role of foes amid it you learn to forgive them, love them and the common sense to drop them from your future. Discernment is your guide to alert who is the antagonist and who’s the opposition.

There will come ailments and troubles, pandemonium and drama. Sometimes you will play the part of the vixen, the victim and the victor as you navigate over the troubled waters. As you step on through the swampy things, the jagged and shaky bridge, feelings of defeat bring thoughts of throwing in the towel.

You deserve to succeed and worth the trials, being that you were formed to prosper. God did not design anyone to be less than. He created us to be stronger than those who live in detestation. Like the streets exclaim; “Let the haters hate and the players play!”

I say to you keep tracking on track star you are a trailblazer. Forget about the naysayers. The vision is getting clearer, your intentions are becoming greater. Tell the slackers and lackeys you’d see them later.

As you progress through the thorns eventually, you’d identify as a rose that hasn’t bloomed. Glancing out the rear view of your exploration, you’d detect the murky byways you have to pass over is actually a sea shore filled with wonderment. Your memoir purposes the suffering as a necessity to build you to lift others. The root of sorrows and shed tears are watering your garden to be arrayed, arranged, and beautified. All the missteps, awful mistakes may set you back, but it’s a setup for a come up; To create a kingdom no one could develop but you.

Your empire is not simply the destination it is the lessons gained on your path. It is the magnificent, funny and difficult folks you meet as you pass through. The confrontation of the unknown that displays the portrait of the unique legendary empress you truly are.

Journey Gurlz

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