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Shackled Butterfly

At last, I’ve broken free from the escapades of life,

For this day’s arrival, I’ve held my breath in strife.

But why return and disturb my tranquil tune?

Bringing chaos where I once silenced the moon.

Your shadow grew darker in my absence, it seems.

Now, I’m caught once more in escape’s recurring dreams.

Your hostility, truly, is grossly obscene.

Yet you speak of marriage, your intentions unclean.

A charlatan, undoubtedly, feasting on too much folly.

Your words, like your breath, reek of deceit—pure Baloney.

Your mask is torn, revealing your truth as a certified phony.

Deceptive fatalities that resulted in a ceremony.

Awaken by reality this will not be my repeated Testimony.

A zebra, true to its nature, does not change its stripes.

Demons do not correct the wrongs they have committed in their lives.

After being fooled once, I cannot allow it to happen again.

You are released to your dominion den.

Where the release of toxic fumes,

suffocates your misrepresentation to its doom.

Discerning you returned at the adversary's request

Designed to find my esteem unrest.

In my quest, I’ve claimed my soul’s release.

Sealed away the spirit of my former peace.

Embarking forth on a path well-earned.

To celebrate the growth for which I’ve learned.

“Embrace the journey toward serenity; for in the release of toxicity, we find the breath of freedom.”

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Butterfly Katey
Butterfly Katey
6 days ago

I love this poem, it says so much about toxicity and releasing what is dormant in us.

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