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Today transpired to be a quiet, draggy type day. Honestly, I became unsettled about things that I want to accomplish and wondered was I hearing God accurately on my journey to the Land of Milk and Honey. I glanced up and there arose the answer to my prayers. A Yellow Butterfly came into my sight. This butterfly materialized, hurrying across the air. I draw a breath like oh my goodness I am seeing a yellow butterfly.

Quick backstory, I ensured a conversation with one of my destiny helpers about kingdom business and she sees a butterfly fluttering around us and became excited. However, I did not have the pleasure of seeing what she take witness to in the spiritual realm. I knew this was God's verification to her. She is giving me correct biblical instructions on what I must untie from my life.

Now, almost three weeks later, I see a yellow butterfly moving fast. I lost vision of it and then it zipped past me again. I know for sure this is God telling me that my faith and obedience have grown me into something priceless. And because the butterfly came about moving so quickly, it confirmed that God heard my prayers.

When I gave my last offering. My exact words, “I assign this offering to your kingdom to accomplish what it is supposed to accomplish and that may the blessings you have for me come speedily, rapidly, expediently, hurriedly, and straight-away.” Of course, I giggled when I said those words. I was having fun as I recited a sincere prayer.

Butterflies drink sweet nectar from flowering plants. Once believers taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8), they feed on God’s Word and are nourished by it (1 Peter 2:1–3). In Christ, they undergo a fresh, eternal nature; they become spiritually awake and free, as God intended us to be.

According to Psalm 46:10. God wants to be your father and requires the glory for where he is drawing you to. Your toiling is not required. God had asked me to let go and let him many decades ago; I was so scared to let go of my independence and my faith in him as a Father was unstable. Now I have let go, and it is a weird wonderment to realize my spiritual growth and overflowing blessings by simply being still.

He promises us beauty for ashes Isaiah 61:3 and a crown of beauty. This is what this butterfly meant to me. God said he will do it and that is a finality. Do I understand how he is going to get me to the finish line? No, I do not know, but I trust him. For he is a God that does not lie Numbers 23:19 and for my belief in his word. I am gifted the beauty of a butterfly.

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