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Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Eye full of fashion

Is that all your passion

What about your peeps in the hood

Talkin’ bout the grand events you attended

When shattered hearts need to be mended

Thought when you escaped the grind you understood

Givin’ produces prosperity

Neglect promotes barbarity

But you say “Being me is hard to be.”

Girl, please!

How you livin’ ain’t boss

Flirtin’ for dollars

Makes me wanna holla

You’re not living the truth you’re lost

Your vanity created your insanity

It’s destructive and selfish

I know you're hot…your fly You just can’t help it

We are in recession

But you’re all about obsession

Your fake, your fowl no matter what it cost

Professionally you’re seductive

You’re lazy bones ne’er productive

When the John’s get through…your tossed

You’re being taken advantage of

With those baller’s and thugs

They will leave you high and dry on the streets

But you don’t care Nor are you aware

Because with your egotism

Your game is concrete

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