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The ascent towards self-discovery: my tale

Life's been one heck of a bumpy ride, with people raining on my parade, whether I was in high spirits or feeling low. But, as I grew wiser, I realized others' actions aren't my responsibility.

Sure, you can't change a zebra's stripes or domesticate a tiger, but I can still blaze my trail towards my destined happy place.​​I spent ages tending to other folks' gardens, digging and planting, paving the way for their journey. I lost myself in the process. But as I wandered through life, feeling lost like a babe in the woods, my fear transformed into fierce strength and blossomed into a timeless powerhouse. ​

My duty is to follow God's orders: love everyone. But that doesn't mean I'm a doormat for others to step on. I discovered that praying for people's well-being and setting healthy boundaries is the way to go. It took a while to sift through the fakers and phonies. I started loving myself and putting my needs first, everything clicked. The vision grew stronger and the word "NO" became my new superpower!

​​One fine day, I unleashed a declaration so bold, so brave, that even I was surprised: "Sherry, I love you!" And just like that, the naysayers of my newness vanished into thin air.

Sure, I may be flying solo these days, but I'm never lonely because I'm a chameleon, baby! I blend right into any crowd and own every space I enter.​
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