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Contemptuous Woman

What a tangle web we weave when we first practice to deceive. Sir Walter Scott hit this saying on the nail with no room to wiggle through. The truth is the truth. However, I don’t know who really weaved the web with this friend turned foe, but I know without out a doubt I was mistrusted.

Let’s name this fake friend Debbie to protect the guilty until punished further. Let her dwell in uncomfortable places, pending the catastrophe she has dug a hole for. May Karma have her way, and might her predestination to the abyss be a non-stop ticket. Amen!

Okay, I regress. Let by gone be by gone. I have buried the hatchet and have forgotten Debbie’s conniving actions. There for I bear no ill will and the quarrel has ended.

Debbie and I grew into friends through her then fiancé who we will call Lonzo. It was a weird situation where I was driving her car and she spotted me while she was out with an acquaintance. The two women zagged where I zigged and they zigged where I zagged. I began feeling uncomfortable, so I sped up on the interstate to where I was to pick up Lonzo.

I make it to the hangout spot. Thank goodness Lonzo was already outside, smoking a cigarette and shooting the breeze with some of his cronies. I swiftly run up to him out of breath, as if I had just sprinted a 5K race non-stop.

“There is this light toned lady with freckles following me with another woman in the car. They followed me from my college all the way here!” I spoke nervously.

“Whhh What?!” Alonzo plainly was anxious and began sweating profusely.

“Why did you come here of all places?” He asked redundantly.

“Where else was I expected to go? It is your ride.” Well, so I thought before these current events took place. I had been dating Alonzo for about 3 months prior.

“Ohhhh heck naw Lo, you let this crazy which drive my car. Have you lost your mind!?” Debbie fumed indignantly.

“I might as well come clean. You are boring, controlling and to set in your ways. So, I stepped out just to have fun, but this chick is nobody?”

Yes, he did just shame both of us in our faces while struggling to clear himself away from the mountain of muck he dug himself in. He strode confidently towards Debbie with stretched arms. She stepped into his summons and then ferociously lunged for me.

Her arms wailing in the air like a madwoman. I get it. She was furious. Was her rage misdirected? Yes. However, at the time I was not refined, in fact I was roughly constructed, damaged and broken. I sprang into the open invitation. She asked for it and she practically got it. Her friend and Alonzo disrupted the match.

Alonzo found this to be amusing and candidly so did I. What can I say, I was a drama girl, vain and air headed in this era of time. I was in my early twenties; Debbie was in her mid-thirties and Alonzo was ageless because he had no soul. This foolishness went on forever, plus a day and eternity overshadowing. Admittedly, I was fueling fire with her fiancé and she was playing for her pre-vowels “I do until I die.”

One day I have grown exasperated with participating in this tit for tat retaliation game. Debbie genuinely loved Alonzo and she will do anything to keep him. Sadly, this comprised my peace and reputation. I got so tangled in this ghetto game I lost track of my goals to grow into better.

I invited Debbie to the Lake to atone for my part of her suffering. She understood I was not aware Alonzo was engaged. We remained at the lake for many hours, discovering a most unusual friendship that was ever made in the history of friendship forming.

Alonzo moved out because he could no longer manipulate Debbie, have his cake and eat it too. It did not take him long to find a replacement chick. I mean go figure. He most likely already had a harem of women on the side all alone. Debbie and I became inseparable as thick as strings on a harp.

now and then she would ask me have I had heard from Alonzo.

“Girl, yeah, he came flinging rocks at my window the other night when I did not open the door.”

“You sure you didn’t open the door? I mean, you were ready to fight over him not very long ago.” Debbie accused.

I did not defend myself, but I was never battling over Alonzo. The conflict was because she wouldn’t let it fly or leave me alone. She continuously came by my home with threats and all kinds of disturbances.

It was these types of replies that had me to just lie to her about him showing up by my work, or school. I get it. She was still hurt. She was hanging with a woman 15 years her junior and I am aware she was looking at me like, this is the woman who took my man from me. But did I actually steal him? No, what was stolen was her heart and my dignity.

To sum it up without the additional backstory drama:

Debbie was continually trying to set me up with this guy name Devon; on and on and regularly she tried. I constantly declined the offer. She built him up to be this great guy, with all these things going for him. One day we were at her home getting ready to go out to a club. She altered the venue she preferred to go in this diverse club that was nearby. I thought nothing of it, so I complied.

I wore my favorite dress. It was black and gold trim with the back out. I knew I was looking good because the hoots and the howls told me so. We got to the club and found us a great place to sit. Not even 5 minutes from when we arrived this guy offered to buy me a drink. I remained communicating with him for a while and we swapped numbers.

“You know that dude you were talking to is Devon.” she smirked sheepishly.

“What!? He said his name was DJ.”

“That is his nickname. I told you, you two would hit it off.” Debbie is still wearing the silly grin on her face.

Now what takes place next blown me away. Alonzo enters the club and sees me speaking to Devon. He peers over at Debbie with that foolish grin on her face and turns to stone.

“Is this why you told me to meet you here!?”. Alonzo hollered like a hit dog.

Immediately Alonzo came charging over at me as vigorous as a bull recognizing red. He began calling me every name in the book, and some he obviously was making up as he spat hate. Devon place me in front of him for protection and he goes to battle with Alonzo. There were chairs overturned, bodies being slammed on the table, threats of more violence and coercion.

What was transpiring had me perplexed. Why did Alonzo rage so brutally towards me and attack Devon? I resolved not to care or wait for the answers. I perceived somehow Debbie had arranged this whole thing.

I fled while the club was still in an uproar. Of course, I went there with Debbie, but that did not signify me staying. I realized it would become worse if I lingered. Seeing I had been played like a fiddle. Setup like a chump and went down for the original Okie-Doke. I wandered on my walk home. My mind would not cease scanning the dreadful incidents.

“Screeeeeeech.” I turned just in time to catch headlights coming my way. I plunged in a perfect body swam into someone’s yard. Abruptly my hair was being yanked, and I was being dragged to the pavement. It was Alonzo assaulting me with malice. I fought back as best I could. These surprises kept me in a daze for a few moments. He strangled me until I virtually lost my breath.

Another automobile whizzed up and individuals were running from here and there. The guys that were in the second car seized Alonzo with extensive force and maximum agility. Distracted by my anxiety spiraling out of control. The comments kept swirling. Somehow, they were not discernible. I was at complete lost in this drama.

The law enforcement was called. I was accompanied home in a squad car and Alonzo was carried off to jail. I couldn’t relax no matter how hard I tried. Laughing at the pain, criticizing my self and conspiring retribution.

I drifted off at some point. I awakened to my phone buzzing. The blurriness from my views would not let me view who the caller was.

“Hello.” I whispered groggily.

“Dis’ Devon. I met you last night at the club.” He declared.

“Hey.” I spoke as prayers go up to God for no further drama.

“I was just checking on you.” Devon murmured.

“Thanks, but do you know what that was all about last night? I felt like I was sideswiped.”

“Well, to clear it up, Debbie is an old family acquaintance from when we were kids, and Alonzo is an adversary from way back. We have been beefing about some street junk for a long time. I should have realized Debbie was up to something when she continued urging me to meet you, and insisted on being there.”

“Oh, I expected to meet you last night? She mentioned nothing about that.”

Debbie realized when Alonzo see his opposition communicating with me he would snap. Evidentially Alonzo had a trigger temper I had not seen on him within the brief time I had known him. Devon also was not aware that I was the woman who was driving Debbie’s car that she ended up befriended, or should I say bewitching.

Debbie came by several weeks thereafter to apologize because I never answered her calls. Through Devon I was more than warned to let her be she had been acting irrational with everyone.

“What is it you possibly have to say to me?” I spewed swinging the door open.

“I didn’t know it was going to go down like that. I just needed Alonzo to go through the suffering I had.”

“But you used me. He could have really damaged me. And how would handling me injure him?” I wailed.

Debbie halted her head and claimed. “I never actually stopped seeing him.”. We were contemplating on keeping our wedding plans and leave the state. I followed him a few times going by your apartment.”

“I never went out with him further. I explained that to you.”

“I realize this. I even heard you threaten a restraining order on him, but he continued trying to see you. So, I thought by getting you with the man he despised the most he would completely stop trying and would eventually hate you.”

“Well, yeah, he almost hated me to an early grave. You played a treacherous game with other people's lives.”

Debbie feigned a cry as she sought for clemency. Her apology was received. I realize I am a pushover, honestly, I truly felt bad for what she had to endure. I choose to be free. My part in all of this was not of innocence, however her part was pure malice. She has to deal with God concerning all the corruption she provoked.

“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.”

Alonzo stayed a few months in jail. I was not called to testify, and I never heard from Debbie again until Alonzo passed away years later. He was riding with another lady on his motorcycle when the accident happened. Yes, they stayed together until death. I hope Debbie has found her peace, her worth and a man that will treat her like a queen She strongly suggested that I do not attend Alonzo's funeral.

By the way, Devon and I dated for one almost two years after this incident. She wasn’t wrong about us after all.

Go figure.

Sherry B.

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Mar 02, 2023

“The more you know about another person’s story, the less possible it is to see that person as your enemy,”


Jan 06, 2023

That's a crazy tail of broken people. One was playing God in essence by trying to befriend and heal the wounds of the woman who was being cheated on. The woman who was cheated on was so damaged. She chooses and evil plot to harm the other woman who was already victimized.


Dec 08, 2022

Both the women were broken and trying to make a right wrong but the wrong overpowered the whole efforts of the two. I have never heard of anyone being told not to show up for a funeral. But, I get it, to see the other woman the caused destruction is a hard breaking point.


Sep 18, 2022

These two were definitely a wonderful failure, a great disaster waiting to happen. Actually I see in this story that both women wanted acceptance and to be valued but neither will find their worth until they face what is within. This should have been called a beautiful evil. Great lessons to be learned from this type of relationship.


WOW! Both women in this story are broken vessels. It was as if you were emotionally black mailed to make sure Debbie was secure from you. Debbie was damaged and holding on to the piece of reality that is not healthy for her. I know of similar stories of damaged women trying to find their way.

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