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Spread your wings and fly

You ever wonder why when you close your eyes you see eagles soaring, angels spreading their wings and butterflies. It is because you ascend 10,000 miles above the sky.

Therefore, you never fit in. The air was always too thick, or the conversation was too thin. Because you are an eagle, you fly alone, expanding and advancing, dancing to your own song. You were never rejected. You couldn’t be detected. Some people have seen you as strange, but you are unique. No one can reach the mountains you climb. Who can reach a million-mile pique?

Created as an angelic being. While you were enduring the hurt, you never deserted those in need of love. Because you are selfless, you left no one helpless. You are anointed to Love.

Although you felt left out, and others have dropped out, your wings still sprout out. You are a butterfly that flutters by the daggers that tried to destroy your life. Can’t you see you are all things that spread their wings? A supernatural being with glorified light. Therefore, you fly so high.

“Spread your wings, my little butterfly,”

God got you in his sight.

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