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Wicked Woman

She guided you on an excursion

On the primitive side

Deceiving you through bushels of darkness

and roses of thorns

It is the hypocrisy of hell’s fire

Staggering through the fog of spirits

By-ways of the abyss

U-Turning from God’s embrace

to the fallen angel’s kiss

She plays foul

Dispatched to make you fumble the ball

All things faux-beautiful

brings your stance to a crawl

penthouse living is where she found you

Worthless and empty is how she bounds you

You are dealing with an immoral woman

You fell prey to the smooth tongue of a promiscuous lady

Solomon warns you in proverbs

You knew she was coming’

A special delivery invitation to hades

Stingrays piercing your essence

Fire consumes you like barb wire

An invitation to her poisonous lips

She is contaminated

A fowl gratifying presence

Just know she was sent from the pit

Her southern drawl hints Tennesse

Charm as smooth as Hennessy

Finding you coincidentally

Don't become one of her victims

A ravage display for evil's documentary

Turn away from Jezebel

And she will not be your ruin

Cast her out and send her to hell

Where she will await her next assignment

(c) 2022

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