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"Time to settle up."

You are nothing but a nobody Tryin’ to step to somebody

Swaggerin’ with your bling-bling glistening’ in the shade

Sportin’ last year’s Jordan’s

with untied laces

Spittin’ venom and ejecting weak game

Day dreamin’ fantasies…talkin’ jive

Pushin’ hard to be my hero

Camouflaging deceit drippin’ out of your grill

Your fizzle drizzled when I found out you didn’t have a nickel you

Revelation you’re a counterfeit, a lonely cowardly zero

Panting like a canine waitin’ for its lay

Standing tall, howlin’ at the moon

When the rubber hits the road

You shiver like a poodle

You’re trifflin’ and petty

And Bets believes every dog has its day

Your spine jellin’ like a noodle

Your tab awaits

Time to settle up

Time to pay

Karma requires you to feel your cup

Pay for all the crimes that occupied the night

That robbed babies emotionally from their mothers

With the lies, they gullibly bite

A mingy mutt tryin’ to front like a dime

Driving a hooptie, like a hustler off-duty

With your lame rap and lies

From humanity and righteousness, you went astray

Spreading disease and vileness like a wild bouquet

Bow down to the judgment I

It's time to pay!

Copyright © Sherry Beck

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2 comentarios

Karma is Real! What goes around comes around! God will not be mocked! You sow what you Plant! Treat others as you would like to be treated!

Me gusta

“Karma is a mirror reflecting your deeds back to you.”

Me gusta
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