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Coming through 2022

This year 2022 I am walking in faith, and this means letting everything go that did not belong to me. Laying down burdens that God did not tell me to pick up. Freeing past trauma-called negative experiences through life and setting it free to the deep seas of forgiving myself.

Releasing the way I think about me, for I am limitless in my doing, no excuses for not finding success. Walls are coming down. I am not a doormat; or a people pleaser and I know I was made for greatness.

If I was carrying your bag, I happily give it back to you. It is not mine and it cannot fly with me to my destination. Yes, I am going 10,000 miles above the sky and your purpose is in another direction most likely just as great. I cannot soar, holding on to things that do not belong. I will no longer weaken your struggles with my hand you held on to for so long.

I am letting go

So that the true me will divulged

And my worth disclosed

For so long, I felt trapped, imprisoned in an open door. This year is a new beginning. I am walking through. I will not go back to visit the past, nor will I take uninvited guest.

I am saying no to stress

no longer am I captive or under arrest,

from this point onwards, no more self-prison

For I have arisen

My Success is professed

This year I am doing me.

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